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How To Have Great Sex | Best Sexual Positions In The Kama Sutra

Many people believe the Kama Sutra to be either depictive graphic statues at a Hindu temple, or some sort of advanced how to have great sex manual. In fact, it is nothing of the sort - it's a life guide book, which covers a man's life from puberty to death.

Only one chapter deals with sexual positions at all and it is from this chapter we are now presenting for you the best positions in the Kama Sutra from both a male and female perspective.

One word however; the Kama Sutra makes reference to the sizes of both the man's penis and the woman's vagina.

The union of mismatched (a woman with too large a vagina for a smaller man) has its own special positions. So, the three positions found below are for a matched couple (where the man and woman have either both a small penis and a narrow vagina, or a larger penis and a wider vagina. The last position mentioned is for the man with the smaller penis and the woman with a larger vagina.

Criterion for "Best Sexual Positions"

It is common wisdom that for a position to be considered "best' it must fulfill the following conditions.

• Give the woman a feeling of being completely satisfied

• Stimulate both her clitoral and g-spot areas

• Lead to mutual termination

• Help allay the man's crisis in order to prolong the sexual union

• Let the man deposit his sperm deep within the woman's vagina, thereby giving both lovers the feeling of great satisfaction.

Therefore, assuming in the following 3 positions, an adequate sized man and not too wide woman, here we will go into detail regarding the best positions in the Kama Sutra from the perspective of:

The best laying position, the best sitting position and the best standing position.

Best Laying Position - The Wife of Indra (with variation 1)

In this position, the woman is on her back, and she will be put into a full "tuck" pose, or her knees held firmly back to her breasts as possible. Her tucked legs are also open, and this will expose her genital area in full.

The kneeling man will then penetrate her, and lean over her and this assures maximum penetration. It can be painful to some women so the man must be careful in his movements.

The tucking of the woman's legs shortens her uterus, and the man can take full advantage of this in his rhythmical thrusting. The man can also withdrawn and re-enter several times, causing a great stimulation to the g-spot area.

At the near close of the union, the man can cease thrusting, but remain deeply planted and the man pressing only from his hips and the woman returning his pressing from hers. As the crisis appears, both lovers will terminate in unison.

A variation of this has the woman's back elevated, and the man standing...the feeling is incomparable to any other position.

Best Sitting Position - The Wheel of Kama

The man will sit up (on a bed or carpet) with his legs outstretched. The woman will mount him astride (facing him) and lower herself on to his erect penis.

The woman then outstretches her legs, and the couple clasp their arms around each other's body. The man can draw the woman's buttocks closer to him, until there is maximum penetration.

The woman and man's pubic areas are the most direct of contact with a great deal of pressure. This causes extreme stimulation to both the woman's clitoral and g-spot areas. There is no thrusting - only a pushing movement from the man and woman, also a circular movement, and the woman and begin a "bump and grind" movement with her hips. There should be much mutual kissing and the man fondling the woman's breasts.

Mutual termination comes after a long and pleasant union.

Best Standing Position - The Hump of the Camel

The couple both stand, but the woman will lean against a wall or tree, perhaps the frame of a bed. The man will come from behind her as she leans, and find her vagina and fondle it some to make sure it is adequately wet. The man then bends his knees and finds the correct angle to enter the woman. The woman too will have to either bend her legs or stand on some elevated object till the couple finds the perfect and most comfortable angle.

The man then begins his thrusting, and should alternate between deep and shallow thrusts. The man can also not thrust at all, but press hardly into the woman's vagina, and seek direct pressure on the g-spot area.

With mutual movements, the couple will hopefully arrive to a synchronized orgasm and termination.

Best Mismatched Position (man with a smaller penis woman with a wider vagina) - The Stopper

The man will sit on the edge of a bed of sofa, and the woman will sit on top of his lap, inserting his smaller but erect penis into her vagina. The woman the wraps her legs around the man's back.

The couple, in tight embrace, engages in no thrusting, but only mutual pressing and rubbing of their pubic areas. The wider woman will still feel full and she stimulates her clitoris by moving her public area against the man's pubic area (which contains the hard root of the erect penis). There must be much kissing and fondling, as the lover's hands are free to explore their partner's body.

The couple can stimulate also the anal areas with their fingers. The crisis is long postponed in this position, and the couple will mutually enjoy each other for an extended period. When the crisis does arrive, it will be accompanied by a sense of euphoria.

So there you the best positions in the Kama Sutra for mutual please we hope you enjoy them.


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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hot Sex Buttons - 5 Buttons You Can Use to Turn On Desire and Turn Up the Passion

Hot sex doesn't begin in the bedroom. Someone said it begins in the kitchen. Hot sex actually begins in many places other than the bedroom or the kitchen. Hot sex begins with arousability. Arousability is the feelings and sensations that cause the brain's sexual circuits to activate and turn on Desire.

Each person's arousability button is unique. And it is not what you think. Arousability buttons are very non sexual. They create in the person mental and emotional pathways that allow Desire to flow freely. Arousability buttons are formed from a person's experiences as they grow up. Most of us are not even away of the power of our arousability buttons. But pushing them can create powerful feelings of Desire.

Here are the Passion Buttons you can use to arouse Desire and Passion:

* Passion Button One: Expressions of Appreciation-these are written or spoken genuine expressions of admiration, appreciation, gratitude and thankfulness. A small note hidden in underwear, written on a foggy mirror, or tucked into a shoe, etc.

* Passion Button Two: Tokens of Love-small gifts given just to say "I am thinking about you." Given for no other reason (no holiday, or occasion "just because"). A packet of gum with a note "Your bubblelicious!", a piece of their favorite chocolate, a key fob, a cheap little silly toy.

* Passion Button Three: Silent Service-do things for the person with out being asked and without an expectation of a return. This one takes some work at observation. Notice what the person does for you or others then quietly do that for them.

* Passion Button Four: The Times of Your Life-spend quality time together. Do simple things like take a 10 minute walk, star gaze, or just sit in the dark and listen to sounds your hear and see how many you can identity.

* Passion Button Five: Touch-touch in non sexual ways. Hold hands for no reason. Give a neck, back, or foot massage. Scoot close when watching TV or a movie. Touch a shoulder when talking and exchanging information and so on.

Each one of us responds unconsciously and very powerfully to at least one Passion Button. To figure out yours, think about what you do to another person to express love or gratitude. Do you most often speak or write a note? Do you like to give a gift? Do you do things for them? Do you just like to hang out with them? Or do you find yourself giving hugs?

Figuring out your own Passion Button is easy. The challenge is to figure out your partner's and then push it everyday. If you push their Passion Button consistently, the level of love, desire, passion and hot sex in your relationship will skyrocket.

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Monday, May 5, 2008

How To Have Great Sex | Natural Aphrodisiacs To Improve Your Love Life

People have used various elements in their trial to learn how to have great sex. Among the number one sex tips in the world today include natural aphrodisiacs. If the element is something outside the sexual field you consider it as an aphrodisiac. An aphrodisiac can be a drug, food, drink, scent or any device which is said to enhance or improve sexual performance in a being. The marketers of these aphrodisiac products also claim that they increase or trigger sexual desire. Natural aphrodisiacs are economic since they are things which are always in your home. To appreciate the natural aphrodisiacs you have to agree that the brain is the greatest sex organ. Food, drinks and scents pleases our senses and so do they please the brain.

Some of the natural aphrodisiacs we have are spices such as chili and curry. They cause excitement to the body since they increase the heart beat and results to perspiration. If you are anticipating for great foreplay, prepare some chicken curry for both of you and you will love every bit of the sex pleasure you will share afterwards. Add oysters to the list. They have been said to aid sex life for a long period of time. Oysters add some reasonable amount of zinc to the body leading to improved sex drive and lasting marriages too. Do not stop eating oysters until you sense your sex life moving to the right direction. Japanese have a little secret to reveal about the horseradish (the green thing) which comes with Sushi has an aphrodisiac effect. It is known as Wasabi and has a great sexual effect in the body. It makes your sex organ ready for the act. Give them to your girl and show her some adventure.

Among the most amazing natural aphrodisiacs is caviar. These are fish eggs which actually contain tremendous beneficial body vitamins. They nourish the nerve cells by the phosphorus rich in them. To reap the real benefits, reinforce the aphrodisiac's power by a glass of vodka. This will give the perfect shape for the active night. Have you ever heard of "ginseng"? It is a natural aphrodisiac that means the "man root". It is a divine drug used to enhance sexuality. Just like caffeine, it stimulates the body making it ready for sex. It is also said to resemble the male organ. No wonder its purpose. It is the nerve centers in the spinal code that control erection in a man. To stimulate the nerve centers, yohimbine is used. This natural aphrodisiac known as yohimbine is gotten from the bark of a certain African tree.

In southern Europe there are natural aphrodisiacs known as cantharides but commonly referred to as Spanish fly. It is a greenish blister beetle which gives immense sex drive to the body. The sexual excitement starts off as a slight irritation to the genital and urinary tracts and eventually causes the blood to rush to the sex organs. It is dangerous since the sexual urge heightens to uncontrollable levels. Vanilla flavor is also a natural aphrodisiac which is worth of mention. It certainly combats sexual debilitation in a great way and can help you in your quest to learn how to have great sex.

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How To Have Great Sex | Men, Women, Sex And The Differences

How to have great sex more often is a question I get from men? Women also want more sex but they don't feel their lives help. Stress, work, housekeeping, and looking after the kids don't really get them in the right mood, so the chances of them feeling like it are greatly diminished.

Sex is so important to our relationships. Most relationships become distant when sex becomes less and many end. So if you don't have sex, prepare for problems.

For men, sex is the way that they can show their partner how much they love them. This is what men need to be able to respond to a woman emotionally (therefore it's critical for a man) and a woman needs emotion to be able to respond to a man sexually.

When they are both in tune i.e. having fun and enjoying each other, sex is usually great, but then an argument strikes, both are usually hell bent on being right until one backs down and says sorry or they both might just brush it under the carpet. If the man says he is sorry, he will immediately want to show his partner his love for her through sex. A woman's response is "you have got to be kidding me... you think that I'm in the mood for sex after that display from you!" So the goal is to create the right emotions and the chance of sex increasing is very high.

One of the ways I help couples to engage with each other is to create a scenario that they can both feel good about and share. When they first met is usually a great example. I get couples to talk about their first date! When this happens, I watch the spark re-enter two people that entered the room looking depressed about life. I watch them get excited and laugh about that day. The mood in the room changes. It is this change of mood that you are after.

Try it and see what happens.

Step one. Start to think about your first date now! Take yourself back to that day. Remember how you felt before your date and then play the date just like a movie in your mind. Recount all the things that happened, what was said, the place you went to and how you tried to work out if your date liked you.

Step two. As soon as possible text or phone your partner and tell them you have been thinking about the first day you both met. This will immediately focus your partner on that day, and images and feelings will pop into there head throughout the day.

Step three. When you get home and you get a moment together, start to talk about that day. Make sure you keep the focus of the conversation on the positives of that day and keep the conversation away from the negative differences between your relationship back then and today if he or she brings them up!

Step four. Re-create that first date. Take your partner back to the same place (if possible) and do it as a surprise! Try to remember exactly what was said and reminisce together. The chance of you both feeling fantastic are very high and you will notice a shift in your relationship.

The chances of great sex are now much higher, but this was not the real goal. The real goal is to get your relationship re-ignited. It works! Go ahead, learn how to have great sex and try it today.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

How To Have Great Sex | Christian Sex Ideas to Enhance Intimacy!

There are some important areas in a Christian relationship which should be focused on in order to keep things fresh and exciting. Sex should definitely be an area that Christian couples should continually focus on and work towards keeping things exciting and new. Here are some great Christian sex ideas which you can use to spice up intimacy within your Christian relationship:

1. Christian sex toys or intimacy aids!

A great way to automatically change things up or add another level of intimacy to your relationship, is by bringing in a Christian sex toy or intimacy aid. This does not have to be anything elaborate or complicated. For instance erotic massage oils can be a simple way to add variety to your intimacy.

2. Positions for Christian sex!

An even easier way to increase variety in your sex life, is simply by learning and engaging in new intimate positions. This can be done on the spot, though you should research the Christian safe positions, and then learn the new positions so you can implement them safely and enjoyably.

3. A Christian Sex Manual!

Probably the best way to add variety and increase your level of intimacy within your relationship, is by getting a Christian sex manual which will show dozens of different techniques, tips and tricks to apply specifically to sex within a Christian relationship. This can make a huge difference in increasing your frequency and enjoyment of sex.

This is a great tool as it will serve as a constant source for applying variety towards your intimacy. It will also outline all the accepted positions and practices within Christian intimate practice.

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